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    Mühendislik Ve Teknik Bilimler İçin Komplike Hesap Makinesi

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    Mühendislik Ve Teknik Bilimler İçin Komplike Hesap Makinesi

    Mesaj tarafından MnyTirith Bir Perş. Mayıs 06, 2010 3:53 pm

    With Volts' intuitive user
    interface, demanding engineers, electricians, contractors, maintenance
    departments, OEMs or handymen can obtain fast, accurate computations,
    reports and drawings with little or no learning curve. Volts' error and
    message handling is designed to ensure that the entries are correct,
    regardless of your experience level.

    Volts comprises an
    integrated collection of electrical analysis modules and calculators
    into one unique, easy to use tool. You'll go beyond simple number
    crunching with the power to effectively deal with electrical devices,
    conductors, circuit breakers, transformers, generators, motors,
    electrical panels, conduit, junction boxes, cable trays and more, with
    the assurance of knowing the computations are as specified and required
    by the 2005 NFPA National Electrical Code®️ and IEEE. Information derived
    form Volts' accurate resulting conclusions can not only be printed with
    preset reports, schedules, drawings, diagrams and customizable report
    printers, but also exportable directly to Microsoft Excel®️ or to a csv
    file format where it can be utilized by any other database or
    spreadsheet Windows®️ application as well as saved to disk in Volts'
    proprietary .elc file format.

    * Accurate – Volts utilizes the
    necessary NEC®️ tables, specifications, and requirements to assure
    accurate results along with voltage drop computations to IEEE Std 141
    Exact Formula specifications. In addition, displayed voltage drop and
    actual real power values are constantly and automatically updated with
    every addition or modification to the circuit's devices or electrical
    panels along with all ancillary modules, reports, drawings and
    schedules. From a simple single circuit to multiple circuits feeding a
    multitude of inductive and resistive devices, Volts can handle the task.

    Informative – All NEC®️ tables, specifications, and requirements
    utilized by Volts are displayed in the appropriate screen. View any of
    40 user defined column headers to keep you informed about every aspect
    of the circuit. Change column headers "on the fly" with a simple click
    of a button to paginate between information headers. Print panel
    schedules and drawings, conduits and cables schedules, one line riser
    diagrams, summary reports or one of five user configurable reports. Save
    the results to disk or export to a csv file format for use by Excel®️ or
    Access®️ or any other spreadsheet or database program. Utilize conductor
    gauges in AWG, mm² or Mexico's NOM 1999 units. With over 200 user
    defined formats for Volts' modules and report writers, Volts is there to
    inform you the way you need to be informed.
    * Known Values – Volts
    allows you to work with what you know. Horsepower, volts, amperes,
    pherdestärke (ps)(cv), kilowatts, or anything else you can think of,
    Volts is ready to work for you. In addition, Volts is not limited to one
    method of calculation. With 5 different ways to calculate power factor,
    10 for device efficiency, and almost unlimited approaches to Ohm’s Law.
    Volts gives you the power of choice!

    * Complete and Expanding –
    From complex unit conversions to motor overload protection, panel layout
    drawings to one line riser diagrams, transformer and generator sizing
    to motor LRA calculations, Volts' modules cover a vast array of
    electrical computations, each one to precise NEC®️ specifications. In
    addition, Volts is continually expanding with new module additions and
    program enhancements. There’s simply nothing missing, or soon will be!

    Integrated Help – Volts is designed for ease of use. Learning to use it
    is simple, but, should the occasion arise, Volts has a fully integrated
    help file so you can get answers fast. Specific examples, manual
    calculations, NEC®️ table applications, regulations or specifications, or
    even questions about Volts itself, all there at the click of your

    Sensitive – Volts’ analysis modules are sensitive to
    all aspects of a calculation. For example: Voltage drop is sensitive to
    device amperage, conductor material and insulation, conduit material,
    length of run, number of conductors in the raceway, and temperature from
    absolute zero to the insulations maximum tolerance rating, etc. With
    Volts, these things are automatically taken into account. You save time
    and money with answers that are right, the first time.
    * NEC®️ Tables,
    Usage Explanations and Examples – Not only does Volts utilize the
    correct NEC®️ table, specifications, and regulations for its
    calculations, it also explains how and why these tables are used,
    complete with step by step examples and formulae.
    * Analysis Modules:
    Tray Sizing Ohm’s Law Transformer Sizing
    Circuit Load Analysis One
    Line Riser Diagram Unit Conversions
    Conduit Fill Overload Protection
    User Defined Defaults
    Device and Metal Box Fill Panel Schedule NEC®️
    Specification Pages
    Efficiency Factor Power Factor NEC®️ Usage
    Generator Sizing Power Factor Correction Pull Box &
    Conduit Body Sizing
    Motor Amperage Resistor Color Codes Utility
    Transformer Values
    Motor Startup Amperage Series Voltage Drop
    Export Features Conductor Sizing Voltage Drop
    Electrical Formulae
    Real Power Conversions
    * Reports:
    Volt's Printout Summary Report
    Writer Defaults Schedule's Setup Defaults
    * Databases:
    Database Circuit Breakers Database Items Database
    Conductors and
    Insulations Conduit Body Database Junction Box Database
    Pull Box
    * Future Scheduled Program Additions and Releases

    Over 150 Supported NEC®️ Tables, Specifications and Requirements:

    110-3(b), 210-5(c), 210-19(a), 215-2(b), 250-122, 250-122(b), 310-1,
    310-3, 310-5, 310-6, 310-7, 310-8, 310-9, 310-10, 310-11, 310-13,
    310-15, 310-15(a), 310-15(b)(2)(a), 310-16, 310-17, 310-18, 310-19,
    310-60, 310-64, 310-67, 310-68, 310-69, 310-70, 310-71, 310-72, 310-73,
    310-74, 310-75, 310-76, 310-77, 310-78, 310-80, 310-81, 310-82, 310-83,
    310-84, 310-85, 310-86, 343-10, 343-11, 345-10, 345-11, 345-12, 346-10,
    346-10 Exception, 346-11, 346-12(b)(2), 347-8, 347-13, 347-14,348-11,
    348-12, 348-13, 350-16, 350-18, 351-8, 351-10, 351-27, 351-30, 370-16,
    370-16(a), 370-16(b), 392-9, 392-10, 392-11, 392-12, 392-13, 430-7(b),
    430-22, 430-32, 430-34, 430-147, 430-148, 430-149, 430-150. Appendix
    C-Tables C1 through C12, Chapter 9-Table 1, Chapter 9-Table 4 (all 13
    Articles), Chapter 9-Table 5, Chapter 9-Table 8, Chapter 9-Table 9.

    System Requirements
    o 70 megabytes disk space without the DotNet
    o Windows 2000, XP, and 2003
    o Super VGA monitor and
    video adapter supporting 1024 x 768 or higher resolution.
    o Microsoft
    DotNet Framework v2.0

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